adventure and absurdity in making an animated short

Thursday, December 22, 2005

76 feet to go

like i said these post will be few and far. a shout out to mr. brian larsen for finishing scene 8/4 (above) and herriman for knocking out the monster 24ft12fr scene - 13/1 (below).
we round out the year with 76 feet left. come hell or high water animation will wrap by april 15th 20 aught 6, da vinci's 554th birthday, if not before.

thanks to everyone for their encourgment and support this year. next year - look for animation to finish, color tests and art direction to really take off, and the leonardo web site to be up at www.flying-machine.com. Oh, and i will try to post more info on the blog o' tron 3000.

here's looking toward new horizons. Happy New Year.

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