adventure and absurdity in making an animated short

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

a little evidence

Two images to say hey animation is done.

Here we have a dry erase chart of the film. The film is broken up into 13 sequences and each of those is broken down into scenes. The longest sequence being number 9, dubbed "the fall", has 17 scenes. There are 72 scenes total. The one green scene is a shot of rain, that isn't done but it doesn't involve any acting so it will be done in the next phase.

Right there you are looking at the short film "Leonardo". It is snuggly tucked inside an old Disney Animation scene stacker I purchased when, with much foresight, the mouse got rid of all their traditional animation furniture. You can see the largest scene at the very top, on top of the stacker, because it won't fit in it.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


A truely inspiring and wonderful documentary is screening at the San Francisco Film Festival the next couple of weeks called Runners High. It was made by a couple of friends of mine, Justine Jacob and Alex da Silva, about the very noble program Students Run Oakland. I had a very (i mean very) minor roll in helping them shape the story. It was made for little money and it really shows what a couple of people with an idea and the will and hard work can accomplish. Not to mention the subject matter being also about what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it. The film is also going to show at the Hot Docs Festival in Toronto and will be getting into more festivals in the future and hopefully find distribution soon.

to learn more about the film here is the website


Monday, April 24 • 7pm AMC Kabuki
Thursday, April 27 • 10am AMC Kabuki
Saturday, April 29 • 3:30pm AMC Kabuki
Tuesday, May 2 • 8:30pm El Rio

Sunday, April 30 • 2pm Innis Town Hall
Sunday, May 7 • 3:30pm John Spotton Theater

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Leonardo's Birthday

Today is da Vinci's 554th birthday and the short "Leonardo" has officially completed rough animation. Good ole' Herriman came in with scene 5/3 - the last one. I have to pinch myself that this day has finally arrived. The film isn't done but it has just passed THE biggest hurdle and now everything has just got a whole lot easier.

Some images from the last scene. Leo is fighting the wind, while he floats on the Arno River. Water effects haven't been done yet and the coloring is from the down shooter.

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