adventure and absurdity in making an animated short

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

i'm not dead, yet. i feel happy!

thank you to those who keep coming back only to see the same posts. leaving saying, "man, isn't this guy ever going to put something up again." well, like i said in the first post i am trying to get the film done so posts may be few and far. but even though some progress has been made on the short, work work has gotten crazy busy. i've even had to take it home with me. which is family time and leo time. work had to go into the leo time slot and the leo time had to go into the blog and everything else slot, which is a very narrow slot - remember 5 minutes a day, more like 1 minute. but now work is 1/2 crazy and i don't need to take anything home currently. so i will be getting leo done and i will try to post more when i can.

test of possible final look of film. line drawing scanned into photoshop on tea stained paper.

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