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Saturday, April 07, 2007


animation set up with rough layout

Here is where that old fellow is now. I have been very busy at Pixar on an upcoming project that has consumed a lot of my time. But even with the demands of the day job I have been trying to get Leo to the finish line. Animation is done - done. Meaning all the scenes have been animated although some are missing inbetweens, some need to be tied down. I have reassembled the film putting all the animated scenes into the reel taking out all the storyboards. This has given me a good sense of how everything is playing and what is left to do. The next step has been to take a sequence of about 10 shots (about 30 seconds of the film) and take them to completion to work out the final look for the film. To this end I have been scanning all the drawings into my computer. Then using real media and photoshop we have been experimenting to find the final look. This is being led by Robert Kondo, a truly gifted young artist, who's work you will see in Pixar's next film Ratatouille http://www.pixar.com/theater/trailers/rat/index.html. Robert has taken on the Production Design of Leonardo. I'll post some images soon when we get something we like. Our hope is that we have that sequence done by mid June. Once all that is figured out we'll apply what we've learned to all the other sequences, inbetweening and cleaning up as we go. Then it will be done. One driving idea I have always had for the film is that the viewer is aware they are watching drawings move. So to that end we are keeping a lot of the rough animation as is, even leaving on the charts and numbers. These are the animators notes, their doodles. Evoking the sense you are watching a notebook move. It should be very cool.

Runners High on DVD and Paper or Plastic

My good friends at Jacob Productions are now selling their great documentary RUNNERS HIGH on DVD. Check out the trailer.
This is a true independent production, self distribution and all. The film continues to play around the country and may show up at a marathon near you. Check it out if you get the chance or just buy it. Get your copy now! http://www.runnershighfilm.com

Also check out their next film PAPER or PLASTIC, http://www.paperorplasticmovie.com about the National Bagging competition held every year in Las Vegas. Justine and Alex just completed principle photography and we are currently in story meetings. There is a fair chance you may see a little animation in this one, done by Flying Machine. Look for it in 2008.

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