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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Your Friend the Rat little golden book

this is better, and who's that fellow poking over the top?

we were asked during production of Your Friend the Rat to create a little golden book. of course we were overjoyed to do this, joining the ranks of such cool books. the deadline was impossible but luckily the art for the film lent itself to an excellent golden book and we were able to pull it off. So, it is kind of an "art of " book. There are a few facts that didn't make it into the short and two awesome things about the book are - at the back we put some of the music and lyrics to " plan b " the song in the short and in the front we credited all the artists who touched the art work in the book which is not usually the case it seems. if you're looking for an extra post holiday gift or whatever check it out.

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