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Sunday, February 22, 2009

and the Oscar goes to...

the van gogh bird from Wall-E end credits. Art by John Lee, Animated by Kristophe Vergne, character paint Willy Hwang © disney/pixar

I second this notion of a Best Achievement in Film Title Design becoming a category at the Oscars. It seems like every other film lately has an interesting title sequence or end credit sequence. In an Op-ed today in the New York Times, Emily Oberman and Bonnie Siegler, co-founders of the design firm Number 17 not only propose this new category but also nominate the Wall-E end credits for just such an honor.

check out the article here; Credit Where Credits Are Due

also a nice write up here at The Pixar Blog

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The preview screening at BAICFF

a young fan, Katie Kavanaugh the founder of Screen 360 and Jim Capobianco at the BAICFF

Well old Leo got through his first public unveiling last week. With flying colors lets say. The film screened with a rough sound pass, missing animation, see through characters and unfinished color but the audience did not seem to care. Little Leo filled the Auctions By the Bay theater, about 400 seats, and probably half were children. Good laughs, rapt attention and overall generous good will. I even had some great, difficult questions from the kids, "How do you get the drawings onto the screen?" "How do you make the drawings move?" If any one has suggestions on how to tell a 4 year old how to animate in about a minute send them my way. I want to thank my little crew for getting the film to this stage. I also want to thank my fellow organizers of the festival, the Renaissance School and Screen 360. Next the submission to Annecy!

more to come..

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