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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Leonardo final color correction

final color correction

on may 22nd 2009, color master David Lortsher and I wrestled gamma output problems and unruly tiff sequences into a final color correction and Leonardo is now finished. Thank You all for your support and good will.

Leonardo at Newport

Leonardo is showing one week from today at the Newport Rhode Island Film Festival in the Shorts for Children 6 and Over program. 10:30 am at the lovely Jane Pickens Theater. I'll be there showing off the dear ole' fella in all his glory. Try to check back i, I am going to attempt to keep this blog updated as Leo gets out there in the world.

I'll post the other festivals Leonardo is screening in so far in the next few days.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Let's Do Nothing!

My good pal and animation legend, Tony Fucile has a new children's book and it goes on sale tomorrow! Run..er..click...don't walk to Amazon or where ever books are sold to buy Let's Do Nothing!

He even created a trailer. So awesome!

tony on applying animation to making the book -

"Making this book was kind of like animating, but without
the in-betweens. In an animation shot, we call it the “storytelling
pose”— the single visual idea that must be conveyed to the audience,
to connect them with what you’re trying to communicate. When you
animate, you usually begin with that dominant pose or poses in mind.
Let’s Do Nothing! is really a series of key animation storytelling poses.
It scratches that animator itch in me that I’m afraid will never go away."

More of this interview and other stuff here at Candlewick Press

congratulations Tony!

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