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Monday, April 12, 2010

LEONARDO online until April 26th!

Watch and VOTE Leonardo

Fans of Leo! Just in time for Leonardo da Vinci's birthday and Da Vinci Day! For a limited time you can see and VOTE for Leonardo, yes the entire short, online at Indieflix as part of the Palm Beach Film Festival. By far, not the best way to see it but if you let it load all the way and turn up the sound it should play pretty well. And be sure to VOTE for the old man and leave a review on the site. Pass it on! Hurry voting closes April 26th


Blogger Francesco F. said...

Beautiful story and lovely characters. Glad to have seen it entirely, thank you!

12:17 AM  
Blogger Andy Latham said...

At last! I've wanted to watch this for ages! And what a lovely film. Thanks Jim, and thanks for making it :D

9:45 AM  
Blogger Anand said...

Great short film ! absolutely loved it!

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

get ready for crits, k? k. I've been waiting for a long while to see this, so now I can't... not tell you what I think after watching the movie. basically, I was very disappointed. I'll be merciless but please forgive my bluntness and don't go... kill yourself or something... after reading my 'review'. k? k. it's just a (brutal) opinion. so here it goes.

the story is a mess, it doesn't tell anything. the drawings look very ruff and messy. I know it's a work spread over the years, but... anyway, the character design is not bad, but the elements don't fit together, one character looks like disney, another like bruno bozzetto, etc. there was one shot that I liked, towards the end, with leonardo and the guy in the wagon. it's got some cleanup, etc, looks more homogeneous. if all the movie looked like this shot... anyway, you'll probably defend this point and argue that you wanted the movie to look like leonardo's scribbles - messy. I won't argue with that, but I don't buy it. some of your drawings are nice and graphical and appealing, others look like cheap tv cartoons.
the animation is sometimes good, sometimes way too ruff. the whole thing is more of an animatic rather than a finished movie.
problem no. one remains the story though, it doesn't flow very well, it's an unfinished puzzle, like an animatic w.i.p., in need of a lot of work, and - but this may be too subjective - by me, I'd say it doesn't really have an idea, it doesn't actually say anything. of course, I could be awfully wrong here and I just completely missed the idea...
k. I'm done. don't be extremely upset, it looks like all the other guys loved the movie, so I'm in a major minority :D

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

?Wat software do you use apart
of make drawings by hand in
Leonardo film.

Leonardo reminds me a lot the great
cartoons made by UPA masters.

10:33 AM  

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