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Thursday, January 08, 2009

10 things I've learned in making a short film: # 7

7) Utilize what you have

This can also be termed "Use what you know." Supposedly if a shark stops swimming/moving it dies. That's what you need to do keep moving, don't die. Basically if you need to make a film then get out there and make a film and don't let anything get in your way. If you don't know how to animate then shoot a live action short. If you don't have a pencil test system don't let that stop you. For two years I scanned drawings in and timed them in Adobe Premiere (which took forever ) until I found a pencil test I could afford. Today you can animate right into your computer with toon boom and tv paint. If you can't afford those, animate with clay or cut outs or found objects with istop motion it is super cheap. There are ways, be creative. You'll find as you make your thing other opportunities will pop up. Also start from what you know. I knew about 2-D hand drawn animation, I wasn't about to tackle a computer animated animation project to tell my story or even flash animation. I would have to take some time to learn those things. ( If thats the ubergoal of your film to learn a new program or way of animation then that is what you do.) My ubergoal was to see if I could make a film on my own. So 2D and storyboarding is what I knew. I actually only knew I could storyboard so I could start there but the key is I was willing to learn and do the other stuff as needed. Nothing was going to stop me and nothing should stop you. Nothing stopped da Vinci.


8) Economical Thinking

This should be part of your planning.


Blogger Bobby Pontillas said...

Thank you again for sharing your insight! I posted a link to your entries on the Animation Mentor forums. People are really excited about them and they're perfect brainfood for students that are presently going through the short film classes.

This probably isn't news to anyone else, but I never expected how satisfying making your own film would be. Its probably one of the most creative and liberating affairs I'll ever do in my artistic career.

1:18 PM  
Blogger Andy J. Latham said...

Hi Jim, I just stumbled across this blog whilst begining to make my first animated short. The advice you have given has come at a perfect time, so thanks very much! Your Leonardo film looks fantastic from the artwork you have shown.

If you're interested in what I'm up to, you can see my progress at http://andysanimation.blogspot.com


1:57 PM  
Blogger Emil said...

Thank's a bunch for posting these.
You've definitely helped encourage me to start working on my artworks more regularly.

I hope I'll get to watch "Leo" - keep us updated on its screening locations.

Awesum works, btw


4:10 PM  
Anonymous Vivi Adade said...

Hey Jim, tks a lot for sharing your experience! I´m an animation student from Brazil and I wonder if it´s ok for me to translate the "10 things" to portuguese to help out some of the brazilian and portuguese speaking animators. Tks again!

Vivi Adade

4:08 AM  
Anonymous Helen said...

Thanks! This is a really useful series of posts. It's good to learn from others' experiences -- and to be reminded that making animated shorts isn't easy for anyone, but that it's worth the effort!

5:57 AM  
Blogger JmC said...

bobby - thanks for linking the blog! you rock man. Making your stuff as an artist is the juice and once you taste it there is no turning back. loved your Obama post! i thought of dong a similar Yahoooooo! Glad you did.

andy - thanks for coming by. i love that you are an astrophysicist animator. Good luck with your short, I'm glad I could inspire you just when you needed it.

Emil - thanks for checking in. screening of the short (in a rough form) happening on the 24th in Alameda come check it out

vivi - that is awesome you want to translate these. thank you so much.

helen - animation is the best art form on the planet. it has to be it takes too long to make and good things come to those who wait supposedly. thanks for coming by and for you kind comment.

4:17 PM  

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