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Friday, January 09, 2009

10 things I've learned in making a short film: # 8

8) Economical Thinking

You want to get your short done. So you need to look at your talents, ability to attract other help, finances, time, lifestyle, work habits seriously. Then plan your film to take those factors into account. Of course you want to stretch yourself and others creatively but you also want to be realistic so as to finish the film. Even though Leonardo is 8 minutes and fully animated there are things I did in Leo to be economical. There is no dialogue. So, no need to record voice actors and all that entails and no need to animate lip sync. The backgrounds are kept to a minimum. There is no clean up animation, the animation is left in a rough tie-down fashion that better relates to da Vinci's sketchbooks. Some animation is very rough. This may not work for you, the subject matter dictated this for me. All my planning was done in the story reel which changed very little when animated. Because of these things I actually haven't had to pay for much to make the film and I have been able to get it done largely on my own.


9) Keep it Simple

If I had to do it all over again I probably wouldn't make a fully animated, hand drawn, 8 minute short.


Blogger Tony DiStefano said...

The drawing of Leo ,backside with wings, is a masterpiece.Your blog is very inspirational and I hope your success with this piece will change your mind about any regrets of doing the film in 2d.I look forward to seeing it.

2:00 PM  
Blogger de aap said...

Thank you for your great advice!
It is inspirational to read how you managed to find your way through the proces. I am very curious about your film.

10:46 AM  
Blogger Bec said...

Thanks so much for writing these insightful posts Jim, I look forward to them everyday!

Best of luck for your work on Leonardo, the images I've seen so far are beautiful and I can't wait to see it in completion.

(fyi, I thought the fishing analogy you used for #6 was very fitting!)

12:09 AM  
Blogger Greg H said...

A goldmine of advice and wisdom - thank you! I recently calmed myself with the same conclusion when I see sketches for this project going back to the previous decade: I tell myself it's a hobby.

I tell my wife it could be worse. It could be golf.

3:22 PM  
Blogger JmC said...

Tony - i don't regret making it in 2D. it couldn't have been any other way. I just think if i had my perspective now then I might not of embarked on this journey. which hopefully my naivety is a good thing. i friend of mine won't let me forget that i told him I would finish the film in a year.

de app - thanks for stopping by. keep checking in for updates on screening and stuff.

bec - thank you. that analogy just sort of grew as i wrote it. thanks for your comment and check in to see when the film may screen near you.

greg h - a hobby takes the "work" onus out of the equation and reflects the enjoyability that should be had from making it.

you bring up a good point. having a supportive spouse/partner is huge! maybe should be #11 lesson...hmmm.
you know golf is something you guys could do together :)

3:36 PM  

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