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Monday, January 11, 2010

Thoughts after making a film

So, I have been thinking of the past year, and man what a year it has been. I have met so many interesting, wonderful filmmakers and artists. Been to several cities I didn't expect to go to and had some experiences I never thought finishing a film would lead to. Much like the conclusion of 'Leonardo' (if you've seen the film you know what I mean) you never know how one thing will lead to another. Over the next couple of days I plan to post some thoughts and lessons I learned from finishing my film. A sort of coda to last years posts about making Leonardo. These posts will be more about the immediate after shock. The busy never ending PR of filmmaking. The boring, none creative, necessary, in the end rewarding stuff, of getting your film out there where it can do some good, growing into adulthood, leaving the nest. I don't really think there are ten in this list, maybe half that, but let's see.

flying over the alps on my way to I Castelli Animati film festival in Genzano near Rome, Italy


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