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Friday, May 02, 2008

friends of leo

okay, i am not much of a blogger. if you still come here you know that to be true. the fact that you just read this is good because that means you came back and are a true friend of leo. and because you came back and read this you know you are a true friend of leo. so with that established let's move on and discuss where this odd old fellow is. well as i have said, many times, he is close to being done but not done. to that end, of getting to the end, i have taken a few months off from the pix. the summer in fact. in addition, three of my very talented co-workers have graciously and selflessly, offered to lend a hand - the awesome robert kondo to handle art direction.

the artistically subtle jennifer chang to finish out the backgrounds.

Both Robert and Jennifer are members of the the early bird painters as well as established artists and designers at Pixar.

and then there is the truly talented pain in my derriere-e-air, craig foster who will pull it all together and then some.

craig is a mild mannered designer and After Effects Artist by day and a political vampire by night. check out his site and build your own protest poster.

check out all their sites and come back soon for some updates on "Leonardo" as well as news about
YFTR and other stuff.


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